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Playtech Bulgaria is part of the Playtech Group - a young, innovative software company that creates, perfects, and maintains complete software solutions for the online gaming industry. As Playtech was only founded in 2000, we see our industry leading position as an achievement we're proud of and a success. We also know that we've only been able to realize our success through the effort of our highly valued multinational, creative workforce. Our technical writers have always been an integral part of this global team of IT industry experts. Playtech Bulgaria recognized the key role of talented technical communication for the ultimate success of every IT company, and is proud to support this pioneer growth of the new Bulgarian community of software technical writers.
Bulwork is the FIRST IT Recruitment Agency in Bulgaria. The company was established in December 2000 specializing from the very beginning in permanent resource solutions for the Information Technology sector in Bulgaria. We operate almost online which give both to our Clients and Candidates rapid and quality selection process, accuracy and competitive price. From our earliest days Bulwork has always believed in quality of service both to our Clients ans Candidates. Thanks to the high quality of our service Bulwork became the leader in this area and prvoviding services in pre-selection, selection, assessment and peopleware for wide range of corporate clients in the Information Technology area, Banking and Finance sector etc.

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JOBS.IDG.BG is a new site, which offers jobs in the ICT sphere entirely. It is a part of a large project of ICT Media, which also includes the "First National IT Talents Stock" and the "Wages in IT sector research" - a competently research by Computerworld, concerning the monthly payments of IT Specialists in Bulgaria, that gives accurate information about the IT talents market and the price of IT labor here.

The site is directed to the attention of students from technical Universities or Colleges (recently graduated or graduating soon), specialists, currently working or looking for professional realization in the sphere of information and communication technologies, the companies in ICT sector who need to complete their IT teams with new members.

JOBS.IDG.BG offers many services for the candidates, as well as for the employers in the site. As an example those who search for a job will be able to: explore all the offers in the site, create as many CVs and Cover Letters as they wish, set whatever criteria they need for finding a job and be automatically notified via email when such an offer is published in the site, calculate their expected payment with the IT Wages Calculator, based on the research by Computerworld. The site also has a rich section of useful advices regarding the CV or Cover Letter writing, behavior during an interview and many others.

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18 November 2007

Central Military Club, Sofia
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