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Playtech Bulgaria is happy to invite you to the first international Technical Communication Conference for software technical writers in Bulgaria! Join the new growing community of technical writers in Bulgaria and rank first among the elite of this hip profession in the Bulgarian IT industry!

Technical Communication Conference
Edition 2007
Sofia, 18 Nov 2007

If life has made so that you happened to become a Technical Writer in a software development organization, then life has been good to you... in general. And if this happened in Bulgaria over the last couple of years, then you even proved lucky. Moreover if you've had some success in making software developers...
   ... use a dictionary rather than using you as a breathing one,
   ... make a difference between "something written" and "something well written" in English by taking the time to transform code comments and technical specifications from an incomprehensible heap of misspelled nouns into an identically concise but sense-making collection of meaningful phrases;
   ... understand what "the importance of being earnest" is :-)

Software Technical Writer (STW) is a fairly new profession in Bulgaria; which has a growing community of young and "wannabe" Bulgarian tech writers working for IT companies; and proving their efficiency of investment, or cost-effectiveness if you like. However, there are limited resources available locally for teaching the profession with almost no options for studying it. The outcome is a bunch of self-educated and highly motivated STWs who have seen and tried a lot, but not as an organized community of writers.

The main goal of this conference is to establish an annual forum, set up an environment, and to lay the grounds for Bulgarian-based technical writers in the IT industry to contribute their knowledge, help one another in daily professional challenges, and to share a common goal - to deliver technical communication for software users which is of the highest quality, usefulness and attractiveness.

Technical communication in IT is not at all limited to documentation. Nowadays technical writers are responsible for a much wider range of communication vehicles than the production of "plain" written documentation sets and/or online help systems. Dealing with intranet and content management implementations, organizing and managing knowledge resources across the company, managing or just assisting in team/functional training processes, keeping a proper communication style within and without the corporate framework, and others rank among tasks today.

This conference is the first one of many-to-come events aiming to provide the grounds for the right level of training, support, collaboration, employment, and advertisement of activities that will eventually become industry standards in Bulgaria.

The keynote speakers at the convention come from 4 different countries - Estonia, Israel, India, and Bulgaria. All of them are experienced writers with versatile background and profiles. They will give dedicated lectures and will also join forces to collectively present their shared vision for successful teamwork and collaboration in documentation development across different teams, offices, countries, and continents within an international company.

This year's edition of the event is free - only registration is required to enter. You can register online using our registration form and be among the first 100 who will get a free gifts package, including a nice T-Shirt with the conference logo!

Onsite registration is also available on the day of the event. However, we do not recommend that because seats are limited and latecomers might not be admitted if the hall is full.

Playtech BG
Military Club
18 November 2007

Central Military Club, Sofia
blvd. "Tzar Osvoboditel" 7

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